The Enemy | SEAD Exemplars
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The Enemy


Karim Ben Khelifa, director; Camera Lucida, Producer; National Film Board of Canada, Producer; Dpt., Creative Studio; Emissive, VR Developer; D. Fox Harrell, HCI Producer

Arts, Cognitive Science, Collaborative, communicate, Computer Science, educate, Electronic New Media, entertain, Express, Inspire, science
About This Project

The Enemy is an exemplar of how new technologies and experimental storytelling can foster more peace and understanding among people of different backgrounds. The project used virtual and augmented reality to showcase the humanity of fighters in real-world conflict zones, capturing their faces and body language in interviews that were used to design the virtual versions. By making the combatants present and more real to audiences in other countries, the public engages in a deeper understanding of the conflicts. The project has been a model of transnational and transdisciplinary collaboration involving art, technology, and journalism by showing the power of immersion.

From the Nominee(s):

The Enemy is a virtual reality and augment reality project aiming to humanize the other in the face of war as a stepping stone toward understanding, a necessary condition for peace.