Malamp / Season in Hell | SEAD Exemplars
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Malamp / Season in Hell


Brandon Ballangée

Arts, Biology, communicate, discover, educate, Electronic New Media, environmental science, Express, science, Visual Arts
About This Project

Brandon Ballangee’s works are an exemplar of how hybrid projects can both raise awareness through art and produce good research in the process. The projects involve diverse communities of artists, scientists, and local residents to create participatory science programs and art installations showcasing environmental issues, such as deformed and mutated animals. By researching and working within their local environment, the public gains an overall understanding and awareness that each individual has an impact and can make a difference in our global environment.

From the Nominee:

Today’s environmental problems are global in scale and complex. To face this milieu of issues, we need the creativity of artists, scientists and those focused on other disciplines combined to creatively address such challenges we and other species currently face.

For my projects I collaborate with diverse communities of varied age groups, specialists (in art and science) and locals to create transdisciplinary works through participatory science programs resulting in actions and installations. Such works are collectively researched by interdisciplinary groups and often physically built from local collected biological and other materials.

The underlying goal is increased understanding of localized environmental problems with an overall awareness that each of us as individuals has an impact and can make a difference in our global environment.