Collection | SEAD Exemplars
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SEAD Exemplars

The SEAD Exemplars exhibit will be comprised of a collection of “exemplar” works demonstrating effective intersections among the sciences and engineering with art, design, and the humanities. The works represent international diversity as well as diversity of practices and disciplines. The sections of the exhibit reflect without jargon the different purposes and impact of the exemplars:

  • Pioneering: Individuals and groups whose careers have transcended disciplines and paradigms.
  • Exploring: Projects that have pushed the boundaries of both arts and sciences.
  • Bridging: Projects that seamlessly connect and merge the arts and the sciences.
  • Engaging: Projects that seek to express and communicate to the public at large.
  • Questioning: Projects that ponder about the implications of arts and sciences themselves.
  • Educating: Projects meant to both teach and encourage learning.
  • Innovating: Projects that led to discoveries and inventions.

Multidisciplinary Exemplars of Science, Engineering, Art, Design & Humanities