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Following the ongoing discussion about interdisciplinary integration and “STEM to STEAM”, the SEAD Curatorial Committee compiled a collection of multidisciplinary projects to turn into an exhibit aimed for the public. The results of curating this collection will become a white paper report soon to be available in early 2018.

Framed photographs of the selected works for gallery exhibition are complemented by this interactive and multimodal web-based exhibition. The full exemplars list will be available to you if you wish to use them for other purposes.

Curatorial Committee

The curatorial committee consists of the SEAD steering group: Roger Malina, Carol Strohecker, Robert Thill, Nicola Triscott, Robert Root-,Bernstein, Carol LaFayette, and Alex Garcia Topete.


The following experts have been surveyed for nominations:

  1. Joshua K Sherrill
  2. Kathryn Evans
  3. Scot Gresham-Lancaster
  4. Sarah Horsman
  5. Michael Stephens
  6. Matthew Brand
  7. Edmund Harriss
  8. Laurie Baefsky
  9. Angus Forbes
  10. Thomas Rudin
  11. Stephen Nowlin
  12. Ignacio Nieto Larrain
  13. Anne Balsamo
  14. Rachel Mayeri
  15. Andrew Scott
  16. Joao Silveira